Red Berry Cheesecake Pots

This little berry cheesecake pot is perfect for taking on a picnic or to sweeten up your Summer!
-2tbsp ricotta cheese
-2tbsp cream cheese
-fresh or frozen red berries
-3 digestive biscuits
-knob of butter
-fresh lemon juice
-caster sugar

*Don’t use cream cheese and use only 4 tsbp ricotta cheese if you want a less calorific dessert!

Makes 2 pots
Crush the digestive biscuits in a small bowl. Melt the knob of butter and then take it off the hob and add the crushed biscuits, mix them together. Then put them into 2 little pots and press them down as tightly as possible. Then whisk the ricotta and cream cheese together until smooth. Taste to see the cheese mixture to see if it is bitter or not. If it is, add some lemon juice and sugar. Next, put the cheese mixture in the pots, on top of the biscuit base. Finally add as many berries as you like on top of the cheese mixture and slot the 2 pots into the fridge. Leave them in there until the pots set. Enjoy!


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