I went on a relaxing day trip to Venice yesterday, which was absolutely lovely! The buildings are elegantly decaying, and the cool breeze throughout the city carries the amazing smells coming from the wide choice of restaurants. It is definitely a city for couples who want to take a week-end break in a historical city.
The Piazza San Marco is a must-see, as there lies the beauty that is the Basilica San Marco
(ladies remember to bring a piece of clothing to cover your shoulders before entering the church!!!). Another extraordinary sight is the Ponte di Rialto, being the oldest bridge across the Grand Canale and by far the prettiest, thanks to the magnificent columns it beholds.

Venice is a very relaxing and enjoyable city to visit, perhaps because of the absence of cars, or because of the infinite amount of alleyways that lead you to an everlasting am
ount of delightful little cafes or boutiques. In any case, I am eager to return, even if it is just to sit by the canal and read a book with a glass of wine; the ambiance of the city is very pleasurable. Even though there are a lot of tourists, you still feel like you are experiencing Italy and its culture.

SPECIAL: Not far from Venice is the island of Murano,famous for its Venetian glass that comes in all sorts of forms of objet d’arts or jewellery, as well as in all sorts of magnificent colours. There is also plentiful of shops selling extraordinary Venetian Carnival masks,  representative of the annual carnival that takes place in February. Another event added to my to-do-list!


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