I went to Prague in mid August and I completely forgot to write about this great trip. It was full of wonderful surprises, from the medieval architecture to the hand-made cookie crafting shops, from the delicious cocktails to the rich food.

Where I stayed: In Arpacay Backpackers Hostel in Praha 2, which  meant that I was very close to the Castle and Charles Bridge. It also had cheaper restaurants on this side of the river that serve typical Czech food and the cheapest Pilsner you will find! It felt really safe on this side of the bridge and very friendly.

Bars and Clubs: We went to the Karlovy Lazne Club, known for being Europe’s biggest club with 5 levels playing different kinds of music on each level. It was a different experience to clubbing in the UK, as the majority of clubbers were men and there were dancers on platforms, where guys just stood watching. You can’t go to Prague as a student without going to this club though! One night we went to a Bar called Chapeau Rouge, that opens a club downstairs later in the night. I can safely say this bar is one of my favourite in the world! I loved the relaxed atmosphere in the bar, with the walls covered in hundreds of posters and kitsch knickknacks,signs and so on. The drinks were absolutely divine and inexpensive, being a plus. Their mojito was the best I’ve ever had in all true honesty. The club downstairs was right up my street, playing really nice tunes, all being house music. I don’t have a bad word to say about this bar. You must go!

I also went to a bar called Absintherie, which sold Absinth beer and an array of interesting Absinth cocktails, which serves Happy Hour from  5p.m. until 6p.m. ( In case you’re interested, here’s the website. Although it’s all in Czech http://www.absintherie.cz/cs/)


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