20 Things Everyone Entering Their Early 20s Should Know

Thought Catalog

1. The novelty of the 21st birthday wears off quickly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome– it’s your last big milestone birthday of youth, and legally being allowed in bars and such is great. But it’s never as cool as when you couldn’t do it before.

2. “Not knowing better” won’t fly anymore.

3. When it feels like all of your social media is just filled with engagement announcements, realize that you can get married at any time, but you can’t be in your early 20s again.

4. You will start to realize, as you enter the “real world,” that what you were taught to value at school is a world different than the skills you actually need. And speaking of, the “real world” isn’t as scary as everyone chalks it up to be. Quite the opposite, most of the time.

5. There will be few things you find to…

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