What you make of your failures

‘It’s not what you make of your successes, it’s what you make of your failures’. -mummy

A few weeks ago I did an exam and failed it miserably. It was a horrible feeling, like how you feel when you’re heartbroken and your chest is tight. I went straight home trying to retain my tears on the bus, and then cried continuously for ten minutes on my bed until I got a headache; I knew that crying was not going to help me pass the exam the next time round. Two weeks later I passed the exam (today). However this week I felt like giving up, I wondered what the point was? I thought I tried my hardest the first time round, but I obviously hadn’t. Because I know that when I try my hardest I can succeed. It’s  important to keep your head up and concentrate on what you need to do to become what you want to be, and what you want to achieve. This exam was one of my many failures in life and I know there are thousands more to come, but this seems to be the first time I’ve actually appreciated my determination. I now feel like I need to keep moving, and be productive with my time even more so than before!

A little song that has gotten me through this revision period: Ben Howard- Keep Your Head Up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADP65wbBUpc


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