Coffee in B O L O G N A

I lived in Bologna for five months and only posted about it once, shamefully! But now I have time and a big enough knowledge of where to go to so my following posts will be on which cafes, restaurants and clubs to go to whilst visiting Bologna. It has such a great amount of choice and loads of cute little cafes that you could spend a whole week there trying out different places. So for this post I’m going to tell you which are my favourite cafes. ENJOY!

  • Badisco Bar (via Guglielmo Oberdan, 33) – This place has a great range of yummy cakes and biscuits and an interesting selection of exotic sounding teas. Of course there is every type of coffee there. The place is decorated with beautifully crafted teapots and objet d’art. The next time I go back there, I will definitely ask them if they’re for sale!
  • Camera a Sud (via Valdonica, 5)- This is the sweetest little hipster cafe/restaurant in Bologna in my opinion. It’s really hidden away from tourists and mainly frequented by Italians. As soon as you walk through the door you feel like you’re stepping into a completely different universe compared to the rest of the cafes in Bologna. There are books all over the place that you can pick up and read whilst sipping your tea. The tables and chairs are all mis-matched in a 60’s/70’s style, in lots of beautiful colours. It feels really cosy and intimate in this cafe. A plus for me is that they give you a huge tea-pot for your tea. Bliss! Check out their website for info on the wines and food-
  • Cafe Letterario Carracci Fava (via Manzoni, 2)- I stumbled across this cafe while I lost where I was going one day in Bologna. I saw the pastel colours through the window and the funky patterned arm-chairs, and immediately knew that I had to check it out. They have an enormous selection of teas (which also come in teapots, HURRAY) and a selection of cakes. It is ideal for a quiet afternoon tea, as this street is very empty.
  • Colazione da Bianca ( via Santo Stefano, 1)- This cafe is so idyllic and situated in such an idyllic place (near the prettiest piazza in Bologna). All you really need to do is take a gander on their website to get an idea of how angelic this cafe is, and realise how exquisite their menu is too. The pastries are so beautiful and everything is displayed wonderfully!


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