Bars in B O L O G N A

Bologna has a lively nightlife with some great bars that are definitely worth visiting. There is a range of bars to choose from that will tickle everyone’s fancy. The price list of alcoholic beverages doesn’t tend to vary in Bologna, so you should be expecting to pay 4-5€ for a beer, 5-7€ for wine and 5-8€ for a cocktail. Here are my top 7 that are dotted around the city center.

  • Antica Drogheria Calzolari (via G. Petroni,9)- This little wine bar sells artisanal food products from Emilia-Romagna. However you can go in there anytime and buy a glass of wine of your choice. The owners are wine specialists so they can help you chose a wine that suits your palette. It’s in an old pharmacy, hence the name, so there are no tables or chairs: everyone stands in the street with their glass of wine and there is a nice sophisticated feel to the place. It is mainly frequented by locals, so you can get a true sense of Bologna.
  • via del Pratello- This street has lots of wine bars with cheap prices, which are mainly visited by the locals too. It’s a great place to get away from the commercial looking bars on the main streets, and have a nice quiet drink.
  • Cabala Cafè (Strada Maggiore, 8)- This bar is a hip student bar that has a huge menu of cocktails, which are really tasty and they also do a great apperitivo. It has a fresh young feel to the place and the staff are really nice. It’s a great place to go with a smaller group of friends, as it can get quite crowded in there. It’s one of my favourite bars in Bologna!
  • Moustache (via Mascarella, 5)-  I’ve only been to this bar once, but I was impressed by its simplicity and homely feel. It is a great place to gather as a group of friends. They sometimes put on live concerts and brunch, so it’s a good idea to look at their Facebook events page before going if you’re interested in that.
  • Il Cortile Cafè (via Nazario Sauro, 24/c)- I was walking down the street one evening with some friends on are way to a party and we just had to stop by this bar and check out the live band playing. This bar has great energy and it is really enjoyable to drop by there, have a glass of wine, and just listen to some live music.
  • Mambo (Via Don Minzoni, 14)- Situated right next to the contemporary art museum, this bar is really arty and hip, as you’ll find all of the hipsters of Bologna hanging out there. It has a great atmosphere there and they do some great electro/house nights. It is a happening bar and it definitely felt like home from home. Check out the website to know more about the bar and museum –>
  • Momus (Piazza San Martino, 9)- Last but not least, Momus! This is completely a student bar and is famous for the 5€  Magic Sam, which is a deceivingly strong cocktail! I really like this place because it’s a great bar to gather as friends and there’s a mixture of locals and international students. The place is quite small but there is a nice lively atmosphere.


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