Eating out in B O L O G N A

Here is my final post on the best places to go to in Bologna. Here’s a few restaurants that offer different types of dishes within a reasonable price range, either regional or from other parts of Italy. These restaurants are all really lively as you would expect in an Italian restaurant and welcoming to foodies of all ages. ENJOY!

  • Bolpetta (6 via Santo Stefano) This is a polpetta (meatball) based restaurant, so if you like meatballs you are in for a major treat! It’s a hip fresh restaurant in the heart of Bologna, just metres away from the prettiest Piazza in the city! The food bursts with exciting new flavours and is exquisitely presented. The price ranges from 8 to 15€ for a main course, which is fairly average in Italy. I would recommend popping over to their website to get a taster of what you’re in for and to see their autumn/winter and spring/summer menus!
  • Spacca Napoli (San Vitale, 45/A) So this is the most popular pizza restaurant in Bologna because it’s run by a Neapolitan family and does serve the best pizza in the city! So expect to see all the classic Italian toppings on the menu! If you’re planning on going here, make sure you don’t leave booking to the last minute, otherwise they you can order take-away. It’s definitely the place to be!
  • Alce Nero Berbere (Via Petroni, 9C) – This restaurant aims to ‘enhance the taste of ingredients, respecting them and “transforming” them as necessary to not alter the original taste’. They only cook with seasonal vegetables and use bio ingredients! Their main courses are roughly 13€, so it’s a bit more pricey than the average pizza restaurant but you can expect to receive good service in a beautiful environment.
  • Osteria dell’Orsa (Via Mentana, 1)- This is a basic furnished restaurant, but you should not judge this little gem by its decor, as it has some great Italian classics for a cheap price. The food is absolutely delicious and is definitely worth a visit if you’re out-of-pocket from drinking too many coffees, whilst travelling around Italy.

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