Last week-end I went to Rome for a day and a half to see the Six Nations Rugby match so I did not have a lot of time to see Rome. However, I got the chance to visit the Galleria Borghese, situated in the Villa Borghese north of the city. This museum holds some of Bernini’s, Canova’s and Correggio’s   greatest works of art, as well as many other Renaissance artists. You should book your tickets in advance for this gallery, as there is a limited amount of entries at a time. I also got to see the fabulous Fontana di Trevi, which was a ten minute walk from my hotel at the Pantheon. It was absolutely magnificent to see in the flesh and should be visited by night and day. This area also holds lots of bars and restaurants, so there is a great lively atmosphere.

I really fell in love with this prepossessing city and I plan to go back very soon to explore it even more and take a lot more photos. There’s a certain effortless charm to the city, that comes naturally with its beauty.


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