Cat Eye for Almond Shaped Eyes

I’ve recently been trying out more adventurous make-up looks, as I normally just wear a little eyeliner or nude eyeshadows. I googled some cat eye images and watched some youtube tutorials and found that the Scarlett Johansson make-up tutorial by pixiwoo was the best looks for my almond eye shape. I’ve listed how I applied my eye make-up, however don’t hesitate to watch pixiwoo’s video, as I am far from an expert when it comes to make-up.

Step 1: I took a smokey-eye shadowing brush, dipped it lightly in some water and then pressed it onto my jet black Kiko eye-shadow. I then drew the outline for my winged eye, starting from the middle of my eye-lid and working outwards to create the flick.

Step 2: I then filled in the outline down to my lashline with my liquid eye-liner.

Step 3: I used my liquid eye-liner to draw a very thin line as closs to my top lashes as possible- starting from the middle and working my way down toward my tear duct.

Step 4: I applied a tiny amount of eye-liner on my bottom lash line from the corner until just before half way.

Step 5: I then took my eyeshadow brush again and dipped it slightly in the water, dabbed most of the wetness off on my hand and then I patted it ontop of the line that I just drew on my bottom lash line. This gives it a softer smudged look.

Step 6: I added a shimmery nude on my eyelids and a really pale nude in the corner of my eyes (this makes them look even bigger).

Step 7: Finally apply mascara, although I forgot to for this photo- next time!



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