I spent my Easter week-end in sunny Florence, staying in an apartment south of the river in the less touristic area. It’s a moderate sized city pouring in wealth, visible from the rows of boutiques to the squares decorated with stunning marble sculptured statues. It was a breath-taking visit filled with a sense of privilege to have the chance to be among such beautiful surroundings. I wanted to share  some of the highlights of my trip with you, and I’ve numbered some key sites on the map below (click to enlarge).

1) Piazza Santo Spirito: Student area full of reasonably priced and very tasty restaurants! 2) Ponte Vecchio: The famous bridge of Florence lined with beautiful jewellers and watch shops. 3) Galleria degli Uffizi: Florence’s most famous art museum full of paintings and statues from B.C. until the 1800s. There’s a cafe on the roof top terrace; great place to enjoy a glass of prosecco! Book in advance to save queuing for hours! 4) Piazza della Signoria: Square full of marble statues, the Gucci museum and some exclusive cafes. 5) River bend: When the river is low, you can go and sit by it. 6) There are lots of designer shops in this area; great for window shopping! 7) Baptistery/Tower/Duomo: You can walk inside the cathedral for free and pay to go in the baptistery and to climb up the tower. 8) There are some exquisite boutiques and antique shops in this area. 9) The Train Station.




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