This week-end I got the wonderful opportunity to go to Cinque Terre in Liguria. It was a mind-blowing experience as the views you get to see are unbelievably beautiful. I started off in the village of Monterosso, which is the furthest north of the five villages. I chose to walk from village to village, which cost around 7€ for a day pass. It was a tiring experience walking up a lot of steep steps but once you finally get to the top, the hard work is definitely worth the amazing view that you get! So the path goes from Monterosso-Vernazza-Corniglia-Manarola-Riomaggiore. Every village had a great quintessentially Italian feel to it and the villages felt really special compared to other places I’ve visited. I thought there was a great selection of fresh seafood restaurants and plenty of lovely gelaterias stocked with original ice-cream flavours. If you don’t fancy walking the whole way in one day, you can buy a train ticket and  hop on and off at each village. Therefore if you go with friends and family, you can split up or mix it up and do half and half.

I deeply advise you to visit this beautiful part of Italy because it truly is a great experience that is not worth missing out on!


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  1. Sounds awesome. Hiking through all five villages was my plan when I visited Cinque Terre, but I never made it past Riomaggiore because everything was shut down due to massive flooding. Someday I’d like to go back.

    1. essieC says:

      It’s definitely worth going back for! Maybe in the spring/summer months.

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