A Little Thing We Call Hope

Hope is a funny thing. We all have it but we use it in many different ways, we hope for many different things. Sometimes people mistake you hoping as a trivial act that is somewhat naive, but is it not them being ignorant calling us hopers dreamers? I know we can hope big things that seem impossible but if we didn’t, what would the world really be like? How many things would never have been tried? How many people would never had succeeded? I think it’s the little bit of hope we have in ourselves that keeps us going or maybe sometimes makes us come to a halt and we have to learn to mentally distance ourselves from that hope. I believe the only way we can achieve these hopes is by living each day as it comes and to re-analyse what you want to achieve every now and again. Otherwise you can lose track of where you wanted to get to in the first place. Also, sometimes one hope can outride another…




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