My First Dress

The day I got to choose my first dress is perhaps one of my first memories and my first fashion-conscious memory. I was almost four years old and I went shopping with my Mum to John Lewis whilst my siblings were at school. The kids clothing was in the corner of the second floor department store, and I remember stumbling upon this lime green polo shirt dress that had a daisy zipper on it. Lime green was my all time FAVOURITE colour when I was little. So I begged my mum if I could try it on, making sure she couldn’t refuse. I was growing at the time so we had to take two dresses in two different sizes. We went into the changing rooms and entered the first little white cubicle on the left. I was so excited once I got the dress on that I started dancing about in the changing room, as you do when something looks and feels great on! I looked to my Mum for approval grinning immensely and of course saying ‘I want this dress, I really want it’! So she asked me if I wanted it as a birthday present and she knew I was not going to say ‘no’. I was so ecstatic with the buy that I got my mum to ask the shop assistant at the till if I could wear it out of the shop. The skinny, tall (maybe he was shorter as all adults seem tall at that age) dark-haired man looked down to see me standing shyly slightly behind my Mum hoping he’d say yes. Smirking down at me, amused by my anticipation he replied ‘yes’. HALLELUJAH! The dress was mine and I could wear it all day long!


P.S. This was surprisingly the only photo I could find of myself in the dress. I have a book on my head because my Grandad took me to the zoo that day, it was a good day.


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