Every Woman’s Monthly Pains

Recently I read an article about Britain’s number one tennis player, Heather Watson and how her period was the reason she didn’t even get past the first round in the Australian Open. It was an eye opener because I hadn’t realised just how much that miserable time of the month effects women’s performance, as I’m not the sportiest of sorts and don’t suffer from premenstrual symptoms. I decided to share the following link about the taboo of talking about periods in correlation to women’s performance because over the last few days, I have felt down, nauseas and dizzy; I thought there was something wrong with me. Then today I started my period, having thought it would be next week. It is the first time that I’ve noticed such an immense dip in my mood and motivation, which got me sympathising more with the uncontrollable effects periods have on our minds and bodies during important moments where performance really counts.




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