In September I made my way to Lisbon to stay with a dear Uni friend of mine. As she has lived in the city the whole of her life, I knew she’d be able to show me the best parts it has to offer, hence me not googling anything about the place. I wanted to arrive without any expectations and I am extremely glad I did. Knowing absolutely zero about the country’s language and culture made this trip exciting and refreshing, unlike any other city I’d been to before. It also allowed me to appreciate its colourful crumbling beauty of the most exquisite tiled buildings and the array of friendly people. This city has charm and style in a casual format. It is a place where you can simply relax and explore with the certainty of stumbling across a striking monument or quaint cake shop. I think it has a lot to give as a city, but it is  far from pretentious, hostile or showy. I think what is striking about Lisbon is the welcoming ambiance it radiates to all sorts of tourists; the young and old, couples and families or even groups of friends. It really is a city that allows you to taste something different at each corner with the opportunity of spending a few days by the ocean.

Below is a list of great areas/ clubs/ bars/ monuments that may tickle your fancy whilst adventuring up and down the winding hills of Lisbon.


  • Rua Nova do Carvalho is a pink street full of lively stylish bars and an infamous brothel turned bar.
  • Rua da notre is a happening student area with plenty of bars and pubs, making it vibrant place to pass the night.

Cultural Attractions

  • Praca da Comercio
  • MUDE, design and fashion museum (free entry)
  • Castelo del Sao Jorge (student card reductions)
  • Jerónimos Monastery


  • Urban is a nightclub sat on the river in the industial area normally paying pop and r&b tunes.
  • Lux is situated further out of the center also along the river, where you can choose from a number of dancefloors playing different genres from alternative to pop.

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