I Suoni Delle Dolomiti

During the first week-end of August, I had the fantastic opportunity to visit my boyfriend in Italy and travel up to the dark green mountains known as the Dolomites. It was such a beautifully serene area, famous for its apple orchards which aligned the mountain sides. We found a little spot to camp for the night just after the sun went down, which I admit was slightly spooky but the starry night sky brightened up our surroundings. The next day we woke up early to start our hike up one of the mountain paths, which brought us across herds of cows with their shepherds, dinging in the distance by the ringing of their bells. We finally made it to the top where we joined with many others to enjoy the composer, Nicola Piovani’s beautiful orchestra. It felt emotional and warming, to have the chance to listen to one of Italy’s most famous contemporary composers
amongst a breathless scenery.

Every Summer the ‘Suoni delle Dolomiti’ musical events take place in different locations in the area. So if you’re passing by or wish to experience a very special moment in an intimate setting, then this is definitely worth a shout.



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