My relationship with T.



Travel can inevitably impact your life and have a lasting effect on simple decisions. It is through new experiences that you learn about the world, the way different individuals think and what impacts communities: industry, landscape and climate. It is not until you walk in another person’s shoes, that you see how they live, breathe and survive in different cities. Whether it is the experience of drinking coffee at the most popular place in town, staring at a famous monument or haggling with the vendor at the local market. All of these moments and experiences may simply be seen as touristic, but my passion and enthusiasm to travel and adventure into new places makes me sure that they are a part of people’s wellbeing and serve a bigger purpose. Those experiences subconsciously substitute the knowledge you gain from reading a book. They spark new ideas, inspire and allow time to reflect on the differences in cultures, languages and traditions. Travel particularly excites me because everyone has the ability to do it. It is a flexible past time that caters for diverse needs and expectations; money, landscape, distance, destination, language, purpose. I could walk the beaches of Rio de Janeiro on a tight budget or I could spend thousands of pounds in a Swiss hotel. Or even get on a bus to the nearest Leicestershire town. All of these experiences seem wholly different, with the latter appearing less exotic. However any of these destinations could have a life changing, eye opening effect that will feed my knowledge with new scenery and acquaintances. My passion for travel shows that it can influence your everyday life and is accessible to all, no matter your location, income and priorities.


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