Table d’hôte- P A R I S

I won a day trip to Paris with Eurostar a few weeks ago, and got the chance to spend a lovely lunch in a wine shop. As I entered, I saw this magnificently large red table to my left awaiting us to sit down to converse about life and taste the wonders of France. The shared starter with goats cheese, rabbit and prune pâté, cured meats and plentiful bread was exquisite. Topped off perfectly with a light fruity red wine (that I bought a bottle of later on). Then came the main course- free range chicken with an onion mustard cream sauce and a coupe of rice. At this point I was lagging behind everyone else because I made the most of each mouthful, which led me to be very full by the time desert arrived. If only I hadn’t finished off the cured meats- it would have been rude to refuse more… Last but not least was the chocolate and raspberry cake, slightly melted on the bottom to give a moistly rich texture that melted in my mouth. Overall the homely feeling of the shop’s interior with the rustic artisanal cuisine made me completely forget I was in Paris, and felt more like having a family dinner at my Grandma’s. Utterly delightful!


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