Chunky Big Playing Blocks

70s architecture is a funny thing. It’s painfully grotesque to look at, yet there is a solid beauty in the tall chunky forms, once isolated from everything else. I think of the 70s as a time of unity, which is well executed from the symmetrical positioning of every minute detail, peculiarly reminiscent of Soviet buildings….


Basel is a quaint city that is divided in two by the Rhine River. It’s a really low-key and relaxed city, although it screams wealth, as the majority of restaurants and bars are pricey, unless it’s Swiss produce (Movenpick cafe or Feldschlossen Bier). Basel is packed with lots of alleys, where you are more than…

Smoothie Surprise

I just discovered Dean & David’s smoothie and juice bar in Basel; you can find them all over Germany too! They use what I thought were contrasting flavours, turning out to make some zesty and delicious drinks! I got a fruit juice with oranges, carrots, apple and beetroot. Watch your pocket: these nutritious drinks are…

Dog Bath

Dog bathing in a fountain at Barfusserplatz, Basel.


On the train in Bern, on my way to Milan. Swiss Alps in the background.